For when you're both part of the solution.

Collaborative Dispute Resolution: Property

$2,500 (Per couple)


This service is suitable for couples who have separated and are looking to amicably settle their financial affairs. Each party will be assigned a lawyer who will negotiate with the other party’s lawyer in a collaborative manner. With this service, the central objective is to achieve a fair outcome that is consistent with the property regime set out in the Family Law Act. This service is not suitable for matters involving a high degree of conflict or significant factual disputes.

How it works
1. Each party completes one of our comprehensive online questionnaires.
2. Each party provides their lawyer with any additional information required to facilitate the settlement process.
3. Settlement is generally achieved within 30 days.
What is included
1. A determination of how a judge would resolve the matter, if it were to proceed to court.
2. Ongoing consultations with the parties to carefully define settlement arrangements that reflects the most likely outcome.
3. Preparing legally compliant settlement documents to ensure that the matter is settled on a final basis.
What is not included
1. Resolving hotly disputed factual issues.
2.Court appearances.
3. Court filing fees.
4. Confirming that the information you provided in your completed questionnaire is accurate.
5. Any additional work that your matter requires.